happy customers
custom dolls


custom doll


custom doll from photo

 custom dolls



custom doll from idea


custom doll from photo


ready made dolls




custom doll from photo



custom fabric art


jenni and twins stopped by she loved the bag!





custom doll



THANK YOU! so much for the new friend!"
                         -toby g


custom doll




yayy.....she loves it :)




custom name pockets






                    "it's my snuggles"




custom pillow

Scout loves his new typo pillow!  

Jess S.    



                      dec 15 2007



custom dolls


"yay!" -cali


"my friend said 'oh, that drawing on your wall..i really like that' " -beth & cali


"Adee, got the horsehog yesterday and we love it."



custom doll


"its in the back seat of my car" -doug




"The sockmonkey in its natural habitat is very elusive and hard to capture on film.
Here are some rare shots."





cheese pillow doll!








"so awesome. you are my artistic hero."                                    -christina


every bass player needs
a bass guitar doll



"what the...? that's me! wow!" -tam



"my mom came in my room and said 'what's that?" and i said 'its cluckers!' "




adee's art is wondered, no one knows it yet, which makes her art affordable to punk rock kids like me that's the upside, the downside is that no one knows  



this is going in my bathroom





"a party on my wall " -xtina



i am o so gr8ful!


"softer than my pink soft wall thanks !" -t


"Thank-you for my new friend! I like having someone to study with and his cute smile always cheers me up when I’m feeling sad."



"a perfect place to rest my head, and when i'm hungry it tastes delicious on whole grain bread with gruyere and tomato."


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