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dolls from drawings

adee's untrained songsingings
is generic songswriting
pushing the 4 guitar chords everyone
said the many words everyone's
sings a voice only a mother could


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(songs are not kid friendly)

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"an indecent display of vocal untraining" -adee


some say

"I got your package on Friday... your CD is so good. It's so good that I feel stupid putting an exclamation mark after the word "good" because it would undermine how good your CD really is... In all seriousness, I envy your ability to come up with catchy, melodic songs that are so simple and yet so perfect."Crutches" KILLS me... " -gary


'your heart dance' is not only one of my favorite songs of yours,
it is one of my favorite songs period. -peter


"its not so obvious... even tho her sing songs don't fit into the typical stereotypical punk rock it still is favored fun for many punks i know "  -tam


"it's not lame" -diana


"so awesome. you are my artistic hero." -x


"the sudden sound attack in "let's go" is fat" -jeff lewis


"she's cute, but i like musicians who can play music" -jeff lewis' dad




regardless of good


dear mr. regis
jill (fun of 21)
very nice
sexless sunday night
your heart dance
you f*ing b*tch
gonna getchoo getchoo
if i die tonight

lyrics upon request to read
as bedtime stories or for sing along fun




art with you


1-grass is greener (art w/you)
2-pissin' in jars
3-laying on hospital floors with a
  five dollar bill on your forhead

song3 - improvisation :
guitar & vocals greg beil
keyboard harmonica thing and vocals by adee
song4- improv:
guitar by greg beil
vocals and kazoo by adee


the birds


extra thanks to doug & doug's sister
for converting my tape to cd !

1-under a cover or two
2-madly @ the sun
3-smile makers inc.
4-oh brother
5-let's go
6-go go grabbit
9-like you
11-my bele
12-dear mr.regis
13-brink of sanity
14-dave day
15-on my way
16-the birds
17-with the faces
18-love song
19-loo oo ve?
20-sexless sunday night
21-hopin' around


bring water

he sat she sat
gonna getchoo getchoo
gonna getchoo getchoo live at ABCafe
so happia
angry seaside resort club
art with you
regardless of good
for pete's sake
lid for my pot
itchy scratchy
silly dancing she is
we go round
guiding light

my therapist

my therapist
unimpressed - by jordie k
cutie pie - by peter rinaldi
meaningless phillip - by seth hebert
everyday - by buddy holly
i'm a believer - by monkees by neil diamond
teach your children - by crosby stills & nash
in ellens room
ivan calls



they say phone
crush on you
hope again
knock it off
just you agree
in ellen's room
cutie pie-by p.rinaldi
sally who



hurry home


once in a while
on my way w/john ludington
on my way
other people w/seth h.
other people
this train
jolly john
no clothes day
we go round
hope again
wake up
aweemamoo-by s.hebert
happiness from the movie
lets go
for the record
how am i supposed to make a living

live in ithaca

live at abcafe, ithaca
lets go
love arrow
hopin' around
he sat she sat
gonna getchoo
love song
like you
live on the commons, ithaca
he sat she sat
unimpressed by -jordie k
dear mr.regis
go go grabbit
this train



generic songswriting


1- i dont wonder why
2- frank loves brandy
3- hey ya
4- me as mean
5- duck 1
6- generic songswriting
7- hangin' with chach (part of)
8- valentines day 2003
9- and as if
10-maybe i'll be something
11-bubby & me
12-prettier than heavens lap
13-bad things go away
14-pissin' in jars
15-ready for the fall
16-it didn't matter

adee discograpghy

0a-regardless of good
0b-art with you      
0c-the birds         
1a-bring water       
1b-my therapist      
2b-hurry home        
3ab-live in ithaca   
   4a-generic songswriting



"they are cruel. they only pretend to applaud my song.
 what they really want is another glimpse of my broken heart"

                                              -Zsa Zsa Gabor in Moulin Rouge




"adee schreiber – Regardless of Good

If you didn’t know what to expect when you first listened to Regardless of Good, I might predict you would be …surprised… by what you heard.
“adee's untrained songsingings is generic songswriting pushing the 4 guitar chords everyone knows said the many words everyone's heard sings a voice only a mother could
This is what adee describes her music to be. Now, obviously, artists all have ‘disagreements’ over their own work, but, maybe her description is brutally truthful in a way few people would ever say.
I think there are a couple of things that should be gotten out of the way before we start: adee’s voice is what might normally be described as ‘not good’, and her songs are peculiar to say the least.
But let’s get over ourselves. Let’s get over manufactured pop. Let’s get over things that are quite simply plain and boring. Now that we’ve opened our minds a little bit I think we can appreciate and take in ‘Regardless of Good’ for what it really is: brilliant.
In a day and age where to be faceless, average and ‘normal’ is (for some reason) desirable, adee breaks the mould in a refreshing and inspirational way. Armed only with guitar and vocal cords (and lap steel later on (see ‘spaceman’)) adee does what many of us wish we could do: She sings from her heart, for others as much as herself, and she sings without caring how it sounds. And it’s because of this degree of not caring, of being herself, which makes the record something you’ll never forget. From the shockingly aggressive introduction of ‘you fucking bitch’ to the upbeat proclamations of ‘jill (fun of 21)’, Regardless of Good is a dive into a world you wish was inside your head.
It’s hard to pick highlights from the album for the same reason it’s hard to pick who your favorite son or daughter is. If you take the time to get to know songs (maybe even converse with them, it’s up to you) you will be torn when someone you lent the CD to asks “so what’s your favorite track?”
For me, the first song that I expect to answer the question with is ‘Spaceman’, with its inspired insertion of lap steel and Cat Power-esque vocals. But then I think, and I remember the flowing melody of ‘gonna getchoo getchoo’ or the ironically placed double track of ‘sex (with its somewhat frightening lyrics)’ and ‘sexless sunday night’.
I think that if you happen to come across any of adee’s work, you should be prepared to listen to it and listen into it, and to appreciate it for being fun and serious, happy and sad and just generally pretty cool, snazzy lo-fi."

                                                review by chris mcgarvie


"Adee is a wonderfully talented and moving artist, that doesn't make the mistake of copying her influnces;she is, on the contrary, inspired by their originality and creates her own distinct and unique sound. As explained in the title of "Regardless of Good," she is not playing to impress or writing what people generally want to hear, but rather playing what she wants to play and what she feels. It just so happens that what she feels and wants to play are exactly what anyone with an ear for good, honest, and heart-felt songs want to hear"





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 adee in ithaca ny performing for bill and the rubber snake lady 2000





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