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facts and wonders

please familiarize yourself with the dolls I have made.
whether you are sending me a drawing, a photo,or ideas
the dolls will come out in my style

dolls look handmade and will often be lopsided

dolls are made with recycled and new materials, all vegan

i reserve the right to make any artist decisions in the doll making

i reserve the right to cancel any order at my leisure

for other questions or concerns or hello's click here to email adee!


  How long does it take to make a custom doll?
  It may take a month or longer depending on how many orders are before     
  yours. Feel free to check about approximate waiting time before ordering.

  Can you make the clothing removable?

  Can you send me progress reports and photos?

  Can you write a name or embroider a name onto the doll?

  Can you send me a drawing of what the doll will look like?

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custom doll size examples



custom dolls 15" - $55



custom dolls 25" - $60


custom dolls 30" - $70

custom dolls 35" - $80


custom dolls 45" - $95


stringy or stuffed

stringy custom dolls
twisted yarn makes the dolls extra flippity floppity




custom doll eye choices










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